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Core Features

Your video is DYNAMIC

Change it at any time: add photos/clips, change template, background, music, and much more!


PepBlast tells a bigger story with photos and clips sent by your friends and fans


Choose photos, template, and make your remix video in a minute



For your amazing videos of Music, Sports, Events, Love, Birthday and much more!


Over thousand free songs for your movies or upload your original song


Convert your PepBlast remix to standard video for Instagram, YouTube, etc.


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  • I love this app!! I honestly can't believe that it's free. I like to share photos with my friends and family, but I don't want to just upload it to an album, doing that it is just boring to me now. However with this app, I can add music and pictures to high quality themes that come with the app. The best thing is that I can preview the themes before I get started, which saves a lot of time. Simple and easy, I  will definitely be recommending this to my friends.


    Love it!PepBlast User

  • Well designed app. It works very well. I like the animation of my photos with the video background most. I am sharing my photos with my friends all over the world. The preview saves a lot of time!


    Easy and fast!iPhone User

  • My kids love when I create mini movies of our vacations, so I'm always looking for new tools to simply the process. I used this for our vacation over spring break. Lots of fun and love how it comes preloaded with tons of music, backgrounds, and themes. Thanks for a great app!


    Great slideshow makeriOS Users

  • Fun, creative & entertaining app. My girlfriend seems to love it too. She has made quite a few videos from our Xmas holiday photos, so I guess that says a lot about how much addictive it is.


    Creative videos — Smartphone User

  • Love the concept of this app. I just got PepBlast and I think it's a fantastic idea for quickly building dynamic videos through different pictures. Very visual and useful.


    Quickly build dynamic videosiPad Mini user



New PepBlast Dynamic Social Video Creator App to make video with a picture slideshow

PepBlast App is the video creator for everybody that wants to make a slideshow or make video from pictures/clips quickly and easily.

You can make your own video in few steps and use this contemporary picture slideshow to update your social media, websites, blogs, and more with cool videos made from photos and short clips – your own media or sent by friends and fans!

Each video you create on your smart phone using PepBlast has a multitude of personalization options. When you make a video with pictures, you can add music, themes, and animations to create a completely unique video for any need or occasion. With just a few simple taps you can spice up any photo set and make them into an amazing slideshow video that can easily be shared online. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, or another medium, PepBlast should be your go to movie creator app!


How to make a slideshow video, make your own video from photos, and make a video with pictures

It is so easy to make a slideshow video or make your own slideshow with this amazing app. Before PepBlast, creating a slideshow video was both incredibly difficult and time consuming, and few people wanted to learn how to make a video from pictures. In fact, “how to turn pictures into videos” was a difficult question for many people. Creating a good looking movie with pictures had several steps. After taking the necessary photographs, the would be video producer needed to scour the web for backgrounds and animation effects which were free to the public for use or create those graphical elements themselves. After that step was completed, they had to find or secure rights for the music they wanted to include in their videos. Finally, with all of those pieces painstakingly collected, the person would need to download or purchase video editing software, import all of the elements they wished to include, and learn how to use the often complicated software to make their video. Their creations, through no fault of the user’s own efforts, was often not very aesthetically pleasing. Videos made by novice film makers were often not the most appealing because they lacked the professional touch that is necessary to create polished looking movies that are often shared by large organizations.


Make your own slideshow and make a video from pictures with the PepBlast Movie Creator

Thankfully, now people who love photos can make their own cool, animated movies in just a few quick moments thanks to the simplicity of the PepBlast movie app! In just a few minutes your photo album becomes a dazzling slideshow video. Any videos that you create in PepBlast can easily be shared on the web to your family, friends, customers, and more! It takes just a few taps to create animated videos with the thousands of free designs which come with the app. You can also put your creative talents to work and make your very own video design for that special occasion. Making videos using PepBlast is easy, fast, and fun. Videos can be sent to friends directly using email, or posted with social media. Slideshow videos are a great way to recap special events such as birthdays, parties, or other group events and share them with your friends and family. You can include any personalized message that you wish, so they are ideal for any occasion or event.

Anyone who loves photos and wants to make animated slideshow videos should install PepBlast today!


The Creators of PepBlast

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